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The First Tribute to Therion in Mexico
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Tribute to Therion, digital Digipack CD

We are very passionate fans of the greatest Swedish gothic-symphonic metal band: Therion. Since 2000, when they visited Mexico and started a recurrent tour through Latin-America, we were witnesses of the work of the beast and we were impressed by their influence. Recently, a lot of Metal Latin-American bands have started to make homage to Therion, including Therion's songs in their playlists or preforming complete homage acts in its name. However, how many times does a tribute act stay further than in a home video, and all evidence of that work slowly starts to disappear?

That's why this site has born. This site is the answer to the necessity to show to the World how the Mexican bands make a homage to Therion, creating a digital CD with the covers for the first Tribute to Therion in Mexico.

We started this project in February 2016, with a well-defined objective: to make the first tribute to the greatest Swedish gothic-symphonic metal band: Therion, from their most faithful fans, the Mexican metal bands that love its music.

We convoked to all lLatin-American bands to participate with us in this project, the aim of this call was to solidify in a digital CD, our admiration to one of the greatest metal band of all time: Therion.

After ten months of hard work we are proud to say that we have reached the objective. A group of eight bands constitutes this project that you hear, download and share their work. Please be welcome and free to enjoy this work.

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Tribute to Therion, Inside Digipack of our digital CD

Fortunately, eight bands fulfilled all the requirements. Seven bands from Mexico and a bi-national collaboration between Mexico and Colombia were included. These bands are:

Please go to Bands section to know a little more about each band and their music.

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Tribute to Therion, Back Cover of our digital CD

We hope you enjoy the effort of the participating bands.

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Tribute to Therion, Main Presentation of our digital CD

All, this work has been made with passion and love to all the members of Therion.


Eight metal bands participate in this project.

Las cuerdas de Nicanor

Mexico City, MX

Thyvel Prophecy

Estado de Mexico, MX

Dark & Poetry

Mexico City

Voracious & Pamela Olivares

Mexico City


Aguascalientes, MX

Luna de Octubre Project

Mexico City, MX

Night Eternal

Mexico City, MX

Andres Riveros & Maly Reyes

Bogota, CO & Mexico City, MX


You can download all the tracks of this project in each page band, or the full album here and wallpapers

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    The eight tracks in one file

    Also, you can surf the bands page to download the track of each band

  • Wallpapers of the album

    Three wallpapers of the album

    An archive with the three album wallpapers could be downloaded right here

  • Wallpapers of the bands

    Our tribute bands for your desk

    The eight wallpapers of the bands could be downloaded right here

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    The all three downloads in only one package

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Our Team

Collaborators working as band coordinators, idea, communication, collecting, design, and web site programming

Cheves Miranda

Band creation for the Tribute

Leo Sforza

Dark & Poetry's coordinator


LOP's coordinator

Nicanor Cuerda

Las Cuerdas de Nicanor's coordinator

Pamela Olivares

Band coordinator

Andres Riveros

Band coordinator

Maly Reyes

Idea, communication and collecting

T. Beltran


Al Bel

Web Master

"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." --Mattie Stepanek



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